Book Binding

Our specialist in-house book binding department can bind any quantity of high quality printed books

As part of our low cost trade book printing service we offer various types of bookbinding.

Perfect bound book

Perfect Binding

This is used for bookbinding paperback or softback books. Pages are printed and formed into a block which then has a card cover hot glued onto the block. Perfect bound books can be matt or gloss laminated.

Casebound (PPC – printed paper case)

Used to cover hardback books and created in exactly the same manner as perfect bound but the cover is printed on self-adhesive paper which is applied to stiff card creating a ‘case’ into which the block is hot glued. Book lamination in either gloss or matt lamination is available.

Spiral bound book

Wire Spiral Bound Books (wirebound)

A book block is printed in same manner as for other bookbinding. A front and back cover is added, (we suggest book lamination, for durability and protection). The whole book is then punched and held together with a wire spiral (wirebound book).

Wire spiral bound books

Paper and Print used in Bookbinding

perfect bound books

Perfect bound books: – We recommend using a 285gsm board which has a satin finish on the outside and a matt finish on the inside – this gives a superb printing results on the cover and an uncoated inner surface for more secure gluing during the bookbinding process. This type of cover can be printed in colour or mono on both sides or blank on the inside. We recommend that covers be gloss or matt laminated* for durability and to avoid marking with use.

Casebound (PPC – printed paper case): - Printed on high quality 80gsm coated paper which we recommend being gloss or matt laminated* for durability and to avoid marking with use. Plain white endpapers are used at the front and the back of the book – these cannot be printed onto.

Spiral (wire) bound books: – We recommend 250gsm satin coated board which can be printed on either one or both sides. As an option we offer book lamination, either gloss or matt laminated* for durability and to avoid marking with use.

Text pages: We recommend our own high white FSC ASK book paper which is available in weights of 100gsm, 120gsm, and 150gsm. This paper has a smooth feel and gives excellent reproduction of photographs and graphics.

Number of Pages:  Each side of a sheet of paper counts as one page, therefore a 100 page book would consist of 50 sheets of paper.

Colour: Inner pages can be printed all in black, all colour, or a mixture of both processes. Using today’s modern equipment it is not entirely necessary to group all pictures together,they can be dispersed anywhere throughout the text but it is worth bearing in mind that pages containing colour will be more expensive to print.

Find out how to send print ready artwork or to find out the size of artwork needed for a book cover use our book spine thickness calculator.

Tips on book care and storage.

* Lamination is the process of heat bonding a thin plastic covering which not only protects the book cover providing an extra level of durability, but also enhances the appearance of your book

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